Conditions of Trade



1. Privacy Policy

1.1. Access to Consumer Credit Information for a Commercial Credit Application (Section 18k(1)(b) Privacy Act 1988). As part of its normal credit procedures, I consent to BuyNatural Pty Ltd obtaining a credit report about me.
1.2. Personal information will be disclosed to a credit reporting agency (Section 29 of the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct) to obtain a consumer credit report for the purpose of assessing commercial credit application.
1.3. Exchanging information with other Credit Providers (Section 18N(1)(b) Privacy Act 1988) I agree to BuyNatural Pty Ltd obtaining personal information about me from other credit providers, whose names I may have provided to BuyNatural Pty Ltd or that may be named in a credit report, for the purpose of assessing my application for commercial credit.

2. Account Terms

2.1. The Supplier may in its absolute discretion refuse the Customer credit facilities or suspend or discontinue the supply of goods or to vary the Customer’s credit limit at any time without any obligation to provide to the Customer or Customer’s Guarantors prior notice or a reason for such action
2.2. All accounts must be paid for in full by the Customer thirty (30) days from the date of invoice
2.3. Until the Goods have been paid for in full the Customer shall store the goods in a manner which clearly indicates the ownership of BuyNatural Pty Ltd and shall hold the goods as bailee for BuyNatural Pty Ltd
2.4. All orders over $350 are delivered FREE to anywhere in Australia (excluding WA, TAS or NTH QLD which automatically carry a $15-25 charge)
2.5. If the customer fails to make full payment by the due date, interest will be charged at a rate which is 2.5 percent higher than the rate for the time being fixed by section 2 of the Penalties Interest Rates Act 1983 (Victoria) calculated on a daily balances on monies owed by the customer to the Supplier both before and (as a separate and independent obligation) after any judgment until paid in full.
2.6. The Customer will pay BuyNatural Pty Ltd for any and all of the Suppliers expenses including but not limited to legal costs on an indemnity basis with any other collection costs incurred in connection to these terms and conditions. Such costs duties and other expenses as well as interest pursuant to section 1.3 may be recovered as liquidated debt.

3. Credit Limit

3.1. If the Customer has an account with BuyNatural Pty Ltd, the Customer will have a credit limit in place
3.2. BuyNatural Pty Ltd may at any time in its discretion refuse to extend credit to the Customer and that its approval of this application does not require BuyNatural Pty Ltd to extend to the Customer any particular amount of credit.
3.3. If the Customer exceeds their credit limit, BuyNatural Pty Ltd may require the customer to either part pay or pay all accounts in full before any further orders are accepted or any existing orders are fulfilled.

4. Cancellation or Suspension

4.1. BuyNatural Pty Ltd is not obliged to supply Goods in relation to any order and may cancel or suspend to the trading account of the Customer at any time if:
        a. The Customer breaches any of these Terms of Trade
        b. The Customer provides any false or misleading information to BuyNatural Pty Ltd
        c. The Customer commences to be wound up, placed in liquidation or under administration
        d. The Company has formed the opinion (in its absolute discretion) that the Applicant no longer meets the financial conditions or commitment expected from its customers

5. Delivery

5.1. Any dates specified for delivery of any Goods are estimated dates only and BuyNatural Pty Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the Customer may suffer as a result of delivery being delayed for any reason whatsoever. Risk in accepting the Goods passes on delivery to the Customer.

5.2. All orders over $350 are delivered FREE to anywhere in Australia (excluding WA, TAS or NTH QLD which automatically carry a $15-25 charge)

6. Returns/Defects

6.1. Returns will only be accepted with proof of purchase. Any claims for credit including but not limited to claims for non-delivery or defectiveness of goods must be made in writing to BuyNatural within 48 Hours of delivery, otherwise the customer is deemed to have accepted the goods and liable for the goods. No replacement/credit will be given after this period
6.2. If the damaged product is obvious at the time of delivery, this must not be signed off by customer, the customer must write a note on a delivery docket i.e. Damaged item(s) and notify our office within the specified time frame, otherwise we will not accept any damaged items for credit or replacement.
6.3. If incorrect product delivered, then items must be received in original packaging/condition. Otherwise, we will not accept any damaged returned items for credit or replacement. (Freight –BuyNatural will bear the cost of shipment of replacing the damaged product, incorrect shipped products, missing or faulty goods)
6.4. Customers are not entitled to a credit if; Simply change of mind or no longer want the products, realize they cannot afford the goods, Chose the wrong products or were responsible for causing the fault, or product damaged

While all efforts have been made to ensure that all product information including ingredient listings are accurate, up to date and complete for products on the BuyNatural Wholesale website, suppliers may change formulations on short notice. Please check ingredient listings on the actual product before use.